Professional Grade Saltwater Fishing Products

Beach Marine Products (BMP) specializes in the production of innovative and professional saltwater marine products. BMP proudly manufacturers all products in the USA.

Frame Construction:
Highest quality 6061 aluminum alloy

Lid Construction:

Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers

Hinge Construction:
Polypropylene with stainless steel inserts

100 Gallon 30" Angler Bait Pen

The 30” Angler is the most versatile bait pen and is easily transported by truck, or on the back deck of your boat. The angler can follow you anywhere.


300 Gallon 55" Tournament Pro Bait Pen

The 300 gallon 55” Tournament Pro is the flagship bait pen. If you are tired of using a dip net then look no further. BMP has revolutionized the live bait pen system to minimize time, stress and frustration in all of your live bait needs. Patent pending


Davit & Winch

¼” laser cut Aluminum construction with a 300lb lift capacity. 360 degrees of motion, multiple range of application. 6’ feet of reach.


Anglers Choice Bait Pen

The false bottom design enables the angler to easily lift the bottom of the bait pen 8″ from the surface;  therefore greatly simplifying the netting and minimizing the stress of choice bait.